U.S. Political Parties – American Free Soil Party

Nickname: N/A

Animal or symbol: N/A (historically opposed to mascots) but uses the Liberty Bell in its logo.

Party Start Date: 2014 (the historical Free Soil Party lasted from 1848-1854)

Significant historical members: Martin Van Buren (who had switched from his affiliation with the Democratic Party)

Historical alignment: not left, right or center but formed from various factions in opposition to slavery.

Alignment: Appears to be very much “big tent” as the historical party was, but most likely best positioned as center-right.

Stances: pro-life, anti racism, anti bigotry

Party color(s): Appears it may be buff (perhaps in the tradition of historical anti slavery Whigs, who had broken off from the larger Whig Party to help form the Free Soil Party) but any corrections are welcome.

Current logo


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