FLOTUS – Martha Jefferson Randolph

FLOTUS – Martha Jefferson Randolph

A.K.A.: Patsy Randolph

D.O.B.: September 27, 1772

P.O.B.: Monticello, Virginia, British America

Relationship to POTUS: Eldest daughter of Thomas Jefferson

5 facts:

• Her mother, also Martha, died when she was almost ten.

• She was the only of her father’s acknowledged children to make it past 25, and only one of two to make it through early childhood.

• Went to a convent school in France but her father took her out when she expressed interest in becoming Catholic.

• Had 13 children; 11 made it to adulthood

• Was close to her father and took care of him when he was old. Like him, she was a tall, slim redhead.

Describe in one (1) word:

Gwyneth Paltrow as Patsy Jefferson, Jefferson in Paris, 1995

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