FLOTUS – Abigail Smith Adams

FLOTUS – Abigail Smith Adams

A.K.A.: Abigail Adams

D.O.B.: November 22, 1744

P.O.B.: Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay, British America

Relationship to POTUS: Wife of John Adams

5 facts:

• Did not receive a formal education, but was given a broad education by her family.

• Prolific writer, including, but not limited to, her letters to her husband

• Was a gifted financial manager

• Was politically engaged as well as being a very active hostess when First Lady

• First First Lady to live in the White House, albeit for only the last four months of her husband’s term

Describe in one (1) word:

Laura Linney as Abigail Adams in John Adams, miniseries, 2008. With Paul Giamatti

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