FLOTUS – Martha Skelton Jefferson

FLOTUS – Martha Skelton Jefferson

A.K.A.: Martha Jefferson

D.O.B.: October 30, 1748

P.O.B.: Charles City, Virginia, British America

Relationship to POTUS: Wife of Thomas Jefferson

5 facts:

• Not to be confused with her daughter, also Martha

• Did not live to see her husband become President; died in 1782

• Difficult to find images of her

• Jefferson was her second husband

• She was a wealthy widow

Describe in one (1) word:

Please note: in One Word’s presentation of FLOTUSes will include a variety of people who have held the position – or perhaps could have in a different timeline – or who are mothers of Presidential offspring who did not make it to the White House. We will NOT include the following:

Jane Wyman (ex wife of Ronald Reagan and mother of Michael and Maureen Reagan)

Ivana Trump (ex wife of Donald Trump and mother of Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump)

Marla Maples (ex wife of Donald Trump and mother of Tiffany Trump)

This slot will have current and historical figures with a presumably fixed and established role on the culture.

Next up: U.S. Presidents.


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